So proud…

I’m so proud of my kiddos.  They did their school work without fuss today….while I sat in the recliner or laid on the couch all day. They are such sweeties.  I was not feeling good today and they were so good. They also did dishes both after lunch and after supper. I have such great kids! The Lord sure has blessed me 🙂

Tomorrow I have a photo session with some adorable kids from church, then I think we may head down to the homeschool library.  I need more books for the kids and I also really want to talk to them about what kinds of curriculum we can pick out for next school year.  Well, I should run, the TheraFlu is kicking in and I need to get to bed.

Here’s a photo from today I thought I would share, this is Abby totally drooling over our taco salad we had for dinner!