Spring weather and {long} walks


Well, Iowa’s been having some lovely spring weather lately!  The last few days it’s been in the 60’s and today we came close to 70!!  The other day the kids and I took a long walk on a bike trail near our house, we walked a total of 4 miles!

This weather is making doing school tough thou, I can tell they are getting restless.  I want to continue doing a few subjects a day all summer if we can manage it.  Or maybe just take June and part of July off, like maybe 6 weeks, there’s no reason we need to take 10 weeks or more off.  I’d rather take time off in October when it’s not so hot.  I’m not a fan of the humid weather.

I’m think I am getting restless too…everyday seems a lot the same. I’ll be happy to be done with this curricula and start something totally new in the fall.  I’m looking at more of an eclectic/Charlotte Mason approach to our 2011-2012 school year.   So far I know math will be Horizons for both kids and Science and Bible, I would like to use Apologia for both kids as well.  So we’ll see….I’m also looking forward to being part of the Mid-Prairie’s Home School Assistance program, as the kids will have the ability to take classes thru that program.

I don’t have anything interesting to share that we have been doing, but I will leave you with some photos from our 4 mile hike the other day.

Have a great evening everyone!!!