Happy Wednesday!!

Gosh, I really need to update the blog more often with what we’re doing daily.  Some days just aren’t so interesting, ya know?

Today was a good day.  We did our studies like always, and Ryan worked on his story he’s writing for Mrs. Arch’s class.   So once he got that typed up we emailed it off and left.   We stopped at Walmart for a few things and I had to get a for sale sign for our RV (anyone wanna buy a Class C RV?) and then we had to run the keys for it (which we took home my accident after showing it last weekend) and the sign to the Yoder’s place (which was funny to be in Lone Tree as the public school was getting out of school).  When were at the Yoders we got to see their new baby chicks! They got 25 of them.  They were so cute and Abby was in love ♥.  She wanted to bring one home LOL  Here’s a collage I made of some good pics I got.


After we left the Yoder’s farm we stopped at the Animal shelter to visit the dogs and cats they have there.  Not too many dogs there right now, which is a totally good thing!!

Tonight we had french toast for dinner and are watching Monday’s episode of Dr House.

So there’s our update for now. ♥