School plans for next year….

Hey there…so sorry I have not been around. This month has been insane! The photography business is really taking off for me, and then tack on finishing up the school year and you have a recipe for chaos! LOL!
I think we have much of our curriculum figured out for the 2011-2012 school year. We will be in our first year of joining the Mid-Prairie Homeschool assistance program (or MPHSAP). With that we get classes the kids can take, field trips and $100 per child to use towards curricula! I still need to figure out LA for both kids, but otherwise I have it all picked out…just have to get some of it ordered.

Math-Horizons Pre-Algebra
Bible- Apologia “Who is God” and “Who am I
Science- Apologia “Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day
History- “The Mystery of History” Unit 1 and printable CD Rom

Math- Math U see
Bible – “Who is God” and “Who am I”
Science- Apologia “Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day”
History- “The Mystery of History” book and printable CD Rom

I’m hoping the kids do well studying the same Bible, Science and History. I’m looking forward to the Mystery of History. From what I have read of it, I think we’ll really like it.  I love how it helps show how history follows the Bible and the stories are all interlinked.  I think it will give all of us a very good Biblical understanding as well as understanding history.

June 10th and 11th I am attending the NICHE Homeschool Conference in Des Moines. I am very excited to attend. This will be my first time going, since last summer we were unsure if we were going to homeschool so we didn’t want to spend the money to go.  This year I am going with my good friends Carol and Mitzi.   I am hoping to gain tons of knowledge (or at least try to retain it all!) and I am also looking forward to browsing the various vendor booths as well as the used Curriculum sale.  I am all preregistered and even bought a Tshirt (I know, I’m excited about a Tshirt LOL)

We will be renewing our membership with HSLDA also.  I love that company and what they stand for in protecting not only our rights we already have, but fighting for homeschooling rights all over the world. It’s the best insurance you can buy as a homeschooling family (and no, I didn’t get PAID to say that, I just love the company)

So many things to prepare for and we just finished up this school year.  I have my planner from Home Educating Magazine (love it!)  It’s so cute. Floral and pretty, it’s got a zipper binder so now I can hopefully keep everything straight! ( I am horrid when it comes to bookkeeping and keeping track of papers!)

I really would like to do the workbox system next year, but my son is already frowning upon it. Sheesh, he hasn’t even seen it in action. I ordered Sue Patrick’s book and think I will do some more reading on it and maybe start setting it up for both kids.  I like the organization of it, since we’ll be more eclectic next year and I think I’d be able to keep track of things better (haha, me, keeping track!).

Well, I should get off here.  I have 2 kids up and the hubby is still asleep. I suppose they will want to be fed! HA! I woke up at 6am this morning and I couldn’t get back to sleep.   Figures.

I’ll leave you with a photo I took on Saturday.  I hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day.