Fun day out…

We had a fun kick off to our summer yesterday with a trip to Muscatine.  First we stopped at a junk dealer (not really antiques LOL pretty much just junk) and I found some wooden soda crates I have been wanting for newborn props there for $5 each!  From there we went to Muscatine’s Weed Park, on the way there we stopped at McDonalds and then ate it at the park.  The kids played for a while and I took some pics of them, no surprise there!  They had fun, but the bugs were so bad!   Then we went downtown to the riverfront and walked around some.  I think the Muscatine schools must still be in session, it was pretty quiet around town.  When we got home we set up the pool in the backyard…ahhh summer! The kids were happy about the pool going up.

I was a good day all in all. I picked up some brochures while down there so that I can see what other things we could do down there, it’s a nice pretty town.  I’ve done 2 sessions already at Weed Park, it’s not full of weeds at all, in fact, the name is very contradictory.  It’s a gorgeous park.

Tomorrow….our first trip to the Coralville waterpark…the kids are so pumped, and I am excited…I haven’t been there yet!!

Here’s some photos from yesterday.  We had a very good day.