Cherry Treats and Overnights….

Well, today turned out totally different than I thought it would.  I woke up with a sore throat and headache so I slept in till 9:30!!   We just hung out here in the morning, as I had to cancel a get together with my friend, Jeanne since I wasn’t feeling well and I was supposed to go to her house this afternoon.  But then our friend Audrey called and invited Ryan over to play with her kids. So nice. So she picked Ryan up at 2pm this afternoon and Abby and I have been hanging out together since.  We made yummy snacks..oh my, where they ever…and fattening and very sweet!!   Here’s some pics of her making them!

as you can see…Abby was hard at work…LOL!

layering cherry pie filling and ice cream…..yummmmm….

getting every last bit of cherry pie filling out of the can!

Almost done!

Gotta top them with cool whip now!!

All done!!! They were almost too sweet and so filling! I’m thinking this might be good with some pound cake broken up and placed in the layers. We will have to work on that!! 🙂
This afternoon about 3:30 or so Audrey called back and said the boys wanted Ryan to spend the night! So he’s spending the night there and Abby and I ended up watching Disney’s movie “Cow Belles” and having Chicken ranch wraps. Right now we’re watching House Hunters on HGTV and then I’ll be putting her to bed. It has been a very nice day. I miss Ryan thou, I’ll be glad when he’s home tomorrow. I have a photo shoot at 2pm that I am looking forward too and hubby will be home tomorrow too. Friday I am going to the NICHE (network of Iowa Chrisitan Home Educators) conference with my friend Carol. I am very much looking forward to getting away and going to the conference! ♥