Curricula 2011

I love, I mean I absolutely LOVE getting our new books and curricula for the upcoming year!!  Our first year we stuck to what seemed “safe’ by buying a full, all in one curricula, and thou it worked ok, I wasn’t happy with it at all.   So this year we have changed up and decided to be totally eclectic with our choices!! I am excited about the 2011-2012 school year!!

For History, the one I am most excited about! From what I have read so far I am totally loving “Mystery of History” and can’t wait to get started on it! I still need to get the printable timeline characters and some other accessories for History (like 3 rings binders, index cards, etc) which anyone who has used MOH will know what I am talking about 🙂

We are also using Apologia science “Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day” for Science (I still need to order our notebooking journals for that).  I’m excited about that, since we’re going to team up with a friend on some of the experiments and things!!

For Math this year Ryan’s doing Horizons’ Pre-Algebra *gasp*. Not sure I’m ready for this stage yet, but he does beautifully with math, so I am pretty confident he’ll do great. Note the ‘parent’ book I bought LOL I hope it helps me understand not only how to deal with having a teen (wow, yup, he will be a teen in 2 1/2 months), but also understanding what our requirements are for preparing him for the highschool years and college prep.

Abby is going to be using Math-U-See and we’re pretty excited about it. Abby struggles in Math and is a very hands on child (very much the Visual Learner) so I thought MUS would be perfect for her and hopefully help me to help her.

I was blessed this year, as I had no clue what I was a going to use as a Spelling curriculum, when my friend Carol said “Here, have this one” and she gave me this one!! She explained it to me and it sounds great to us, as I love that it’s only about 15 minutes a day!

For Bible we’re also using Apologia. This is new Bible curricula this year, and I loved how it sounded, as not only for the kids, but for me as well. Changing our World View to a Christian world view. I am excited to get started on this too.

I still need to find us a good Language arts curricula as well as the science notebooking journals…so I still have some work ahead of me. I don’t think we’ll be ready to start by August 1st, but we might just start on MOH and Bible thru the month of August, then start a full regime the end of August. I am hoping we can start earlier this year, so that we can take time off in Sept/Oct to go camping.
Here’s some shots of our school room as I am still working on setting it up.

I’ll be posting more as we prepare for our new school year and as I manage to get all of our curriculum and books in order!