Museum touring

Well, yesterday we took the kids to the Old Capital museum and the museum of Natural History here in Iowa City. As a way to do interesting things during our “Stay-Cation” this week we picked these 2 places since we could go for free (well, $1.50 for parking LOL). I really enjoyed the Old Capital Museum. Probably more than the kids. They liked the architecture tho. The staircase was gorgeous! Here’s the website about it. Old Capital Museum  Iowa City used to be the capital of Iowa before they moved the capital to Des Moines.    Here’s some photos I took while we were there.

After touring the Old Capital Museum we headed next door to the Museum of Natural History. The kids and I had been there before, but dad hadn’t. So we wanted to show him. While I like everything there…I truly despise the whole “evolution” junk….a whole section devoted to how we evolved from apes…give me a break. If it looks like we did it was all in God’s glorious design! He is the creator of all things…great and small! I also ignored the sign that announced the “Darwin” day. Sheesh. Why not a day devoted to God’s design for Creation…never. It won’t happen. Not in this day and age when everyone is so wrapped up in pushing God out of the picture. I’m so proud of the kids tho, they laugh about how they make it look like we evolved from Apes, they say “yeah, the bone structure is similar, but that’s how God designed it!” How cool is that?
Ok, I will get off my soap box now LOL!
What I did find so cool at the Natural History museum was the antique camera!!

They also took the Giant sloth, put round black glasses on him, a cape and put the HP7 book on the ground infront of him! I would share a photo of that, but they didn’t turn out, it was far too dark in there. The idea of making the giant sloth look like Harry Potter really interested Ryan, who is a huge HP fan (as am I!)
We had a great day! After touring the museums we went to Los Portalas for lunch. Yummy Mexican! Abby and I shared a lunch fajita!
Pretty good for a fun day in the Barker Stay-cation!