Planting new plants is like new life

My wonderful husband and our daughter got together on Saturday and planted herbs for use in our home.  Abby was really excited about it, as she loves to get dirty (go figure, my girly girl likes dirt! Who woulda thunk it?)

They used a long planted we had and divided it in half.   They should start to sprout in about 2 weeks.   They planted chives and sage.  Here’s Abby all excited about the process!

Here they are pouring potting soil into the pot.   I would have had them move into better light, but I knew hubby would think me taking pics was weird enough without making him move to do it!

Like I said, my girly girl loves dirt!

Dad is pouring out seeds for her.  WOW they were tiny little things…she was amazed!

Finally, planting them into the dirt.  Abby is anxious for them to start sprouting…as you can imagine!