Our Schoolroom {Iowa City Homeschoolers}

I am so late with this!! This week was school room week at Heart of the Matter’s Not back to School blog hop, and here it is, Friday, and I am just now posting this! EEEK!!  I spent all this week alone with my little girl and we had quite the week!   That’s another post tho!!   Now onto the blog hop!!

I finally got some pics taken of our school room this year!!    I am excited since hubby helped me and we converted the basement into the school room for the year!!  I’m very excited to have a room to devote to school.  Mostly likely there will be days when we migrate upstairs…and outside…but isn’t that what the freedom of homeschooling is all about??
First, we have the bottom of the stairs, when you first come into the room. That chair is actually up for sale….I am hoping to sell it this week. The room at the back is the laundry room and there’s a bathroom there too 🙂

Then we have a shot of the dining room table we will use for sit down work, as well as a kind of over all shot of the room.

Here we see a shot of my desk and some shelving (also, our huge globe which I LOVE!)

Another overall shot of the room 🙂

Here’s our relaxing ‘school in our laps’ and reading corner, also this is where the dog can hang out while we work 🙂 Note how the dog’s bed is there 🙂

Here’s a shot of where the bulletin board and white board will go when hubby gets them hung up this weekend 🙂 The keyboard will also not be on top of the shelf, it’s just hanging out there for now. I think my 9yr old needs to put that away! Also, there’s the kids ‘lockers’ which some of you might recall from last year…those are being used again, they are great for the kids small stuff like papers, pens, pencils, markers, etc.

This last shot is looking back towards the stairs.

I am excited about starting our first week of school!

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