Fall Kick off

Last night was the Fall Kick Off meeting for our homeschool group! It went well.  I am doing the school portraits this year and I had a few people sign up. I”m assuming more will after they check their calendars..at least I hope so.

We had nice snacks and fellowship. It was a nice time.

Today I am heading down to the homeschool library to get LA curricula and then to the embroidery shop to have my new polo shirts embroidered with my business logo, that way I’ll have something more professional to wear when I am working.

I am hoping the kids and I can start school on Monday.  I  have been stalling.  I am excited about starting,  but my hearts not in it as much as it should be.  Last night’s meeting kinda helped get me pumped tho, I also had a very nice long chat with my friend Mitzi after the meeting.

Well, I should go, I need to get something done!!   I also need to get this week’s “Not Back to School Blog Hop” entry in on my blog! 🙂