Sunday Road Trip

Sunday we had a great time at church. I love how Pastor Chris always makes us laugh…his sermons are so enjoyable and I always walk away having learned a great deal.
After church we took a road trip up to Maquoketa, IA to the Bluff Lake Catfish farm and Restaurant. Ralph and I used to go there alot when we were first together, but had not been up there in years. It was fun to take the kids there. On Sunday’s they have all you can eat Shrimp *Abby’s favorite food* and chicken. It was scrumptious. Probably not healthy (all that breading!) but oh well! *giggle*
Unfortunately the caves in Maquoketa are closed due to White Nose Syndrome (something to do with bats) and so we drove thru the park, but couldn’t take the kids in the caves. Hopefully next summer they will be open.
I’ll leave you with some photos from our afternoon there.

You’ll notice there’s no photos of Ryan.  That kid avoids the camera at all costs!!   I did inform him, that I would be taking school photos soon, and he wasn’t getting out of that!

We had a great time tho, and I wish we had more time to do things like this with the kids….it’s hard when their dad is only home on weekends.  Thankfully he had a FULL weekend this weekend and this was all his idea! 🙂  I do so love that man! ♥