Homemade playdoh

Yesterday we made homemade playdoh when Abby’s friend, Laura came for an overnight. I don’t have any pics of the kids, silly me didn’t pull out the camera when they were out here… Continue reading

Planting new plants is like new life

My wonderful husband and our daughter got together on Saturday and planted herbs for use in our home.  Abby was really excited about it, as she loves to get dirty (go figure, my… Continue reading

A name

Well, the parakeet officially has a name LOL! His new name is Sky. I like it. He’s blue, like the Sky. It just makes sense.Here’s a photo of him that Abby took. She’s… Continue reading

Meet our newest family member…

Currently we are ‘bird sitting’ for some friends while they are on vacation…and having their bird made me realize how much I missed having a parakeet around! So I posted on Freecycle and… Continue reading

We’re on the Fence!!

Are you there??

Museum touring

Well, yesterday we took the kids to the Old Capital museum and the museum of Natural History here in Iowa City. As a way to do interesting things during our “Stay-Cation” this week… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday

    I’m linking up over at 5 Minutes for Mom  and you can too!!    

Must-Haves for Parents

Dawn over at Honest Family Living has posted a very funny post about must-have items when you have kids….my favorites are #3 and #10! Come back here after reading it and let me… Continue reading

Homeschool planner

When I posted about our curricula I plum forgot to post about this! My fabulous homeschool planner!!! I bought one of these last year and loved it!!  I pre-ordered this years and when… Continue reading

Curricula 2011

I love, I mean I absolutely LOVE getting our new books and curricula for the upcoming year!!  Our first year we stuck to what seemed “safe’ by buying a full, all in one… Continue reading